ICS Focused College Planning Discussion

ICS Focused College Planning Discussion on Jan. 31 from 6:30 to 8:00 pm ay ICS Lyceum (Repeat session)

Why: Many ICS parents and students have questions, concerns and anxiety about the college planning and application process.

What: Three local college consultants will be making brief presentations followed by an open discussion on the college planning and application process with specific commentary for our ICS community.

Who: Open to both ICS parents and students, please bring your questions and concerns to share. The discussion is targeted to parents and students of grades 9-12, but everyone is welcome.

The following consultants are scheduled to appear:
Anne Holmdahl - www.cscollegecounseling.com
Claire Nold Glaser - www.collegeplanninghelp.com
Kirsten Keller - www.kellercollegeplanning.com
Also in attendance will be Kelsey Cummings, College and Career Counselor at ICS

This is an repeat presentation due to the overwhelming response and standing room only attendance at the last discussion occurring in Feb. 2017.

We look forward to seeing you in attendance for this engaging and informative evening. Further questions: Contact Glen Campbell, ICS parent since 2009.