Community and Facilities Support

Community Building

One of the principles that ICS was founded on was that it would promote a strong connection between school, family, and community.  PTSA supports this by providing an Ice Breaker social event in the fall for incoming 7th graders and their families.  And at the end of the school year, we provide a celebratory all-school BBQ.

Emergency Prep

PTSA is instrumental in making sure that the school has adequate supplies in case of an emergency as well as a plan on how to coordinate such an event.


PTSA supports many events throughout the year and hospitality does an amazing job of organizing volunteers to provide refreshments for them.

Lost and Found

Look for your lost items in the hall closet inside the front door and across for the office.  Students are reminded not to leave items on top of the lockers or laying around the school.  If they do, they will most likely end up in the lost and found closet.

Lunchroom Coordinator

The PTSA supervises students at lunch, assists in the kitchen and/or cashier. 


Follow the instructions in the official traffic flow diagram.

ICS has an agreement with the neighborhood surrounding the school that all students and parents should be aware of and follow. 

Enter the school ONLY from 111th Street (that's the street that's closer to the lake).
Exit the school ONLY on 112th Street (that's the street straight in front of the ICS school exit).
Always pick up your child in the pick up lanes in the parking lot.  DO NOT park on a side street.
During evening school events, only park around the perimeter of the school lot.
Be respectful of the neighborhood.  Never drop trash walking to or from the school.

Site Maintenance

Several times a year, we will organize work parties to spruce up the grounds.  This is the only opportunity that students have to contribute toward the family's volunteer hour commitment.

Staff Appreciation

Throughout the year, we have a committee that provides lunches to show our appreciation to the ICS staff.