There are many ways for every ICS parent to get involved and to contribute to the commitment of 30 volunteer hours per family.

Support a PTSA Club

The PTSA sponsors several after-school clubs for students. We provide parent volunteers to help set goals for the clubs, supervise the participating students, organize their activities, chaperone club members at regional events, and manage administrative tasks as needed.

PTSA-sponsored clubs are not the only clubs available to students. The ICS administration sponsors activities such as choir and instrumental music. There also are a wide range of ASB-sponsored clubs with faculty support. PTSA clubs aim to provide students with additional opportunities for extracurricular learning and enrichment. We are always looking for parents to bring their gifts and energy to these clubs as leaders or supporting volunteers. Here are this year’s PTSA clubs.

  • Math Club: Develops students' math knowledge and participates in exciting inter-school math events.

  • Robotics Club: Teaches robotics design and programming as well as leadership and teamwork.

  • Running Club: Goes for regular runs after school of varying lengths and tempos, either for fun or as training for local races.

  • Soccer Club: Practice skill development and plays games on the ICS field.

  • Spanish Club: Offers students the opportunity to enhance their speaking and comprehension skills outside the classroom.

Join a Committee or Support an Activity

We also need parent volunteers for various PTSA committees, school-sponsored activities, and other operational or administrative tasks.

Art Day Committee: Organizes the annual Art Day that takes place after first-semester finals. On Art Day, parents lead classes in the arts; cooking; physical activities, like yoga and dance; and other engaging, nonacademic activities. The committee manages the Art Day budget, recruits volunteers, creates the schedule, and runs the day.

Auction Basket Committee: Finds donors for the ICS PTSA's contribution to the annual LWSD PTSA Council basket auction, typically held in December.

Budgets Committee: Works with the PTSA co-presidents and co-treasurers to draft a PTSA budget for the upcoming school year.

Choir & Instrumental Music Volunteers: Assists with the choir and instrumental music programs at the discretion of the ICS Music Director. Possible activities include volunteering at seasonal concerts and chaperoning off-site events.

Classroom Assistance and Teacher Liaison: Connects teachers needing classroom volunteers with parents who want to help.

Community Building Committee: Aims to connect the PTSA community through fun events and social activities.

Drama Volunteers: Assist the ICS Drama program at rehearsals and seasonal performances.

Emergency Prep Committee: Make sure the school's emergency supplies and plans are up to date.

End-of-Year School BBQ Volunteers: Set the menu, organize volunteers, cook the food, and serve it to hungry kids and teachers.

Financial Review Committee: Audits the PTSA accounting.

Graduation Committee: Organize all the events and activities relating to graduation and coordinate volunteers. Typically leaders-to-be of the committee sign up when their children are in 10th grade and learn from the current committee leaders, and then they take over and run the committee the following year. 

Grants Committee: Review and make decisions about student and teacher requests for monetary grants paid from the PTSA budget.

Hearing and Vision Screening Volunteers: Assist the school nurse with administration of annual hearing and vision tests.

Hospitality Volunteers: Provide snacks and treats at PTSA meetings and other events as needed.

Information Night Volunteers: Provide support the ICS administration needs to execute the annual information night for prospective ICS students and parents.

Interior and Exterior Maintenance Committees: Organize the interior and exterior clean-up work parties throughout the school year.

International Cultural Night Volunteers: Cook for and facilitate seasonal school events for celebrating the foods, customs, and culture of our diverse ICS community.

International Partnerships: Coordinate host families, events, and activities around the annual visit of students from our sister school in Kobe, Japan.

Legislative Liaison: Attend PTSA district and state events and keep the rest of the ICS PTSA informed about legislation that will have an impact on ICS.

Library Volunteers: Provide the school librarian with administrative support in the school library.

Logo Wear Committee: Run the annual sale of ICS-branded clothing and accessories at the start of each school year.

Lost and Found Committee: Administer the school’s lost-and-found collection, including annual giveaway or disposal of unclaimed items at the end of the school year.

Lunchroom Kitchen Volunteers: Help prepare, serve, or clean up during the ICS lunch hour, Monday - Friday.

Lunchtime Activities Supervisors: Setup and take down ping-pong tables and other fun activities for the students during the lunch hour.

Matching Funds Administrator: Ensure that all matching funds to the ICS PTSA are properly accounted for and passed on to the PTSA treasurers.

Newsletter Editors: Manage the writing, editing, and publication of the weekly PTSA email newsletter.

Office Volunteer: Provide administrative support in the ICS office as needed.

On-Call Volunteers: Be on call to help out with any ICS activity as needs arise.

Parking Committee: Help with traffic flow in the parking lot at the start of the school year and at other school events as needed.

Passive Fundraising Committee: Finds businesses that will donate a portion of customer proceeds back to the ICS PTSA and publicizes these opportunities to the PTSA members.

Phone Tree Volunteers: Call PTSA members to remind them of upcoming PTSA meetings or other important events.

Procurement: Buys PTSA-funded items for the school that are not part of any other specific PTSA club or committee budget.

PTSA Board Nominations: Recruits and interviews potential candidates for annual ICS PTSA board elections.

PTSA Membership Coordinator: Maintains the ICS PTSA member list with the WA State PTSA.

Public Relations Committee: Works with the ICS administration to find opportunities to promote accomplishments of ICS students and teachers via news and social media.

Reflections Committee: Organizes the ICS PTSA participation in the WA state PTSA's annual Reflections student arts competition.

Registration Committee: Manages the annual school registration day in August, including setting up the packet of registration forms, recruiting volunteers to work at the various registration tables, collecting forms and fees, and providing any other administrative and operational support.

Ski Bus: Runs all logistics for the Winter Ski Bus program in which students are chartered after school on several Wednesday afternoons from ICS to a local ski facility and then brought back to ICS in the evenings.

Staff Appreciation Committee: Coordinates various events and activities through the school year to ensure the teachers and staff feel supported and appreciated by ICS parents.

Student Directory: Collect all the required information and publish the yearly PTSA directory.

Student Store Volunteers: Help students with the daily operations of the ICS student store.

Volunteer Administrators: Oversee volunteering at ICS, including helping match ICS parents with desired volunteer activities, and report on progress toward completion of family volunteer commitments.

Website: Keep the ICS PTSA website up to date, approve and manage user accounts, and run reports as needed.