Volunteering Requirements

Philosophy on Volunteering

ICS was founded in 1997 by parents and teachers who worked long and hard together to create a new kind of learning environment for our students. This spirit of working together built a solid foundation of mutual support between staff and parents and is interal to the success of the school and our children's education. From inception, the long range intent was to carry forward this same community spirit to support and enrich the student's education by requiring family involvement in the form of an annual volunteer hour commitment.

Your Commitment

The ICS 30 hour per year volunteer commitment per family is meant to be fair and equitable. This commitment was affirmed when your student entered ICS. Parent participation is an essential ingredient of ICS programs and of your child's education. Volunteers must be flexible to help where needed, as there is no guarantee of facilitating a specific opportunity. The 30 hours is set as the minimum commitment, and many families volunteer many more hours.

How to Earn Your Hours

The annual volunteer hour requirement at ICS can be met by engaging in activities which meet one or more of the following criteria which directly benefit ICS:

  • serve on the PTSA Board or be a committee chair
  • support teacher activities
  • support student academics
  • steering committee work
  • support ICS or ICS PTSA sponsored clubs or activities
  • ICS community building activities
  • enrich the learning environment
  • support the physical environment and facilities
  • promote the image of the school
  • chaperone school events
  • activities that help with financial support of the school

Reporting Your Hours

Once you have created an account and logged in (on the home page) you will have access to the Volunteer Hours Form and Volunteer Hours List under the Volunteering tab on the main menu.

Things to Remember

Questions requarding qualifying hours should be directed to the Volunteer Hours Reporting Coordinator and are at his/her discretion. For assistance finding volunteer activities to fulfill your annual requirement, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator. Check the ICS Directory for contact information for current coordinators.

  • Volunteer hours cannot be carried over from year to year, except for Grad Night Chaperones.
  • Exceptions to volunteer hour requirements may be granted in the case of extenuating circumstances, but are unusual. Please email the Principal, Mrs Margaret Kinney, regarding these requests.
  • It is best to plan ahead to fulfill your commitment. Do not wait until the end fo the school year when volunteer opportunities may become scarce. The PTSA Volunteer Coordinator can help you find an opportunity to fill your hours if you need help.
  • Student Hours: A maximum of 10 hours per family can be earned by the student(s) toward the annual 30 hour requirement. Student hours for community service completed as part of a club activity, senior project, or outside school activity do not count as volunteer hours for ICS. Student hours spent on tutoring, yearbook, etc., do not count. Student hours worked at the Site Committee Campus Cleanup do count toward total hours, if the student attends the activity with their parent.
  • Family and Caregiver Hours: Grandparents are welcome to volunteer to earn family hours, as are caregivers such as nannies and au pairs.
  • Chaperones earn 16 hours per day when chaperoning over night trips (like focus week, out-of-town competitions).
  • Grad Night Chaperones earn double hours and these hours can be carried over year to year.
  • Non-PTSA sponsored or non-school sponsored activities cannot be submitted as volunteer hours.
  • Time spent attending PTSA Parent Meetings does not count towards volunteer hour time. Families are expected to attend these meetings monthly to remain informed about school and PTSA issues. However, time spent attending PTSA Board Meetings does count towards volunteer time, even if attended by non board members.
  • Focus Week Carpools driven by parent drivers count as volunteer hours only for the time spent driving to and from the Focus Week location (not ICS), but you must set up a carpool with students from at least two different families (one of them may be your own) for the time to count. Note: Should you chose to stay at a location and are not a designated chaperone, this additional wait time doesn’t apply towards hours either. Normal/daily commuting to/from ICS that does not take place during Focus Week does not count as volunteer time.

For questions about what qualifies toward volunteer hours or for volunteer opportunites, contact our Volunteer Coordinator.